Choosing a rose bush

There are loads of articles on roses. How to plant them, prune them, overwinter them, and a host of others. When it came time to pick a rose bush as a gift, though, we hit a brick wall! Let me break down the things to consider when you decide to buy a rose bush. Let’s […]

 Forsythia bush

Forsythia Bush Forsythias are know as harbingers of spring. Even before some crocus or daffodils are blooming, the bright yellow flowers appear all along the stems of the forsythia. Forsythias have several outstanding details. They can be very fast growing, so you see their effects quickly, and they can fill an area quickly. They take […]

 Vanhoutte spirea and Pink Ice

If you have visited an old homestead in the north, chances are good that you have seen a Vanhoutte spirea. These were a staple of gardens decades ago, but fell out of fashion for a while. They are raising in popularity once again, as people want reminders of their grandparents garden. Called everything from Vanhouttei, […]

 Goldmound spirea

Goldmound spirea is a short little butterball of a shrub. The leaf shape is completely different than the Vanhoutte spirea. These are either small and round, or a larger pointy oval, depending on the age of the stem it’s coming from. Some sources say this is a child of Goldflame spirea, so it shares some […]

 Goldflame spirea

Goldflame is an outstanding spirea, and the ancestor of many of the popular Japanese spirea varieties. Once you know it’s main traits, you can see how it has passed these on. It’s been around long enough so it’s traits are well known, and landscapers regularly use it, despite the newer varieties. As with Goldmound, it […]

 Dwarf Korean Lilac

Before I start comparing the Dwarf Korean Lilac to other lilacs, it might be helpful to take a look at common lilac. Common Lilac Common lilac is a mid-spring blooming shrub, growing to about 7 ft tall, with almost heart shaped leaves about 2 inches long. About the size of a silver dollar, maybe a […]