Forsythia bush

Forsythia Bush

Forsythias are know as harbingers of spring. Even before some crocus or daffodils are blooming, the bright yellow flowers appear all along the stems of the forsythia.

forsythia flowers
Common forsythia flowers

Forsythias have several outstanding details. They can be very fast growing, so you see their effects quickly, and they can fill an area quickly. They take well to being trimmed, though, and one variety that I know of stays more compact. If they are completely ignored, they can form an attractive mound shape about 5-7 ft tall, depending on variety. When left in this shape, they often form “pet tunnels” – cleared area’s underneath that animals enjoy resting in.

The spring color is very desirable, and the actual tone of yellow, and size of flower, can vary. The stems can be used in cut flower arrangements, even in winter. If the stems are brought indoors in winter, they will often flower. They are very easy to grow, can be neglected and still look attractive, take an assortment of soil and light conditions, and don’t attract bugs/diseases.

Now for the con’s. The less expensive species types have been known to get out of hand, as they can root anyplace their arching stem touches the ground. Some may have just two season interest, the flowers in spring and the attractive green foliage in the summer. These bushes need a certain amount of cold temperatures each year in order to bloom. If they are trimmed too late in the year, they can loose their spring flowers.

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Some of my favorites are –

Common forsythia – easy to get, nice yellow tone, fills the area well.

common forsythia and beatrix ferrand forsythia
Common (front) and Beatrix Ferrand flowers (back)

Lynwood Gold – a smaller forsythia, said to have more flowers than the common one, many people’s favorite.FORSYTHIA ‘LYNNWOOD GOLD’ / 3 gallon Potted

Beatrix Ferrand – a larger forsythia, with larger, darker flowers.

Fiesta – yellow and green variegation to the leaves brightens up the plant. The one I usually see stays more compact and less bushy than the others.

kumson forsythia leaves
The lacy leaves of the Kumson forsythia

Kumson – my favorite! Not only the wonderful flowers in spring, but the leaves have one of the most unusual variegation I have seen. The veins of the leaf turn either silver or gold, depending on how much sun it gets, looking like lace against the blue-green leaves.
Korean Kumson Forsythia Bush -Variegated Leaves- Yellow

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